Manchester City Council

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NEW!  You may be amused by the “Manchester City Council in Four and a half minutes” video wot we put together…

EVEN NEWER! Here’s a video about Climate “Governance” in Manchester, such as it is…

Manchester City Council

What they say about themselves:
“Manchester City Council aims to continue to develop Manchester as a City of national and international significance where people choose to live and which companies want to invest in; a city where all citizens benefit from regeneration and have equal access to the wealth, employment and other opportunities which this brings. We will promote Manchester as an attractive and exciting multicultural city to encourage people to live and settle here, to invest here and to visit.The Council aims to improve the health, education, security and quality of life of its citizens by working with them to promote and support sustainable communities which are safe, friendly and clean. We will ensure that residents receive high quality services which meet their needs and we will set up and work in partnerships with other organisations across all sectors to promote initiatives that are in the city’s interests and provide equality of opportunity.”

Translated that means:
We couldn’t possibly comment.

Where to find out about ’em::
From their website

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