About MCFly

Manchester Climate Fortnightly is an *independent* newsletter that has published a “hard copy” every two weeks since June 2008.

We cover what Manchester City Council is (or isn’t) up to, what campaigning groups and individuals are doing. We take a critical view on everyone’s efforts, believing that they are insufficient to the scale of the challenge facing us.

Every issue has lead stories, a section on the Council, information about local events and campaigns (including jobs, grants etc), and a calendar of upcoming climate-related events.

By “independent” we mean – we take no money from Manchester City Council or any similar body. We take no money from any campaigning group (like Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace etc) and we try to be ‘without fear or favour’ to all groups we cover.

1 Response to About MCFly

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    In light of the Gates Foundation’s Annual Letter 2016 of this week, viewable here at , which highlights an appeal for technologies and strategies that will help to combat energy and time poverty in the developing world, here are two links to a project that is extremely current and relevant to these goals. I’m the project leader and I’m available any time for an interview:



    Kind regards,

    Dr. Anthony Robinson
    +353 85 156 3366
    Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Trinity College Dublin

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