Green Party candidate answers

1) What have you done lately to reduce your carbon footprint?
I have stopped using my car and its for sale (I figured I didn’t really need it). I now use bus and bike as my means of transport.

2) What has been the biggest success in the City Council’s actions on Climate Change in the last two years?
The council actually working to retrofit their own building. Also the fact that they have launched a strategy with targets which are ambitious when compared with other councils in Manchester and elsewhere.

3) What has been the biggest failure in the City Council’s actions on Climate Change in the last two years?
I think the biggest single failure (and there are several significant
weaknesses) is the lack of a timetable for the years between now and 2020, and of targets for the intervening period. It suggests a lack of any real drive within the council to achieve the strategy.

4) What do you hope will come out of the November 30th “Stakeholder Conference”?
A proper timetable to achieve the targets for the next 10 years, and much better buy-in from groups outside the Council. Also a strong management board for scrutiny and implementation of the plan. There are some gaps like air travel in/ through Manchester, and if not, explanations would be good.

5) Do you think – hypothetically – that altering an independent newsletter’s article so that it supports your Party, and then sending that doctored article out on an email list to voters would be acceptable behaviour?
a) No

b) Hypothetically speaking, if someone in your Party did such a thing, what should be done about it?
Well for me, they should either be able to justify their actions in public or apologise. After that, the Party would make a judgement on whether the action brings its reputation into disrepute and take appropriate action according to its own rules.

6) If people want to get involved with your campaigning/political party, how do they get in touch?
Contact details – for this campaign Michael Prior,
Contact for Hulme By-election: Michael Prior,
phone: 07960 369997
address: Flat 109, 25 Church Street, M4 1PE

General enquiries / membership: Anne Power
phone: 0161 8600502
address: 27 Rye Bank Road M16 0EP

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