How to Help MCFly

Make News Happen!!
We need your news! If you’re in a campaiigning group, get into the habit of sending us an email when something comes up.
If you hear some scurrilous gossip, do send it our way!
Most of all, take action on climate change and then tell us about it.

We need reporters, bloggers, cartoonists.

We need someone to a) find us distribution venues b) keep on top of taking the latest issue to those venues and removing old issues if needs be.

Join our Facebook group and encourage your friends to join it too!
Follow us on Twitter and retweet our pearls of wisdom

We always make mistakes, but we don’t always know what those mistakes are. We do actually seek readers’ opinions. Is MCFly getting better? Getting worse? What stories isn’t it covering that it should be? What are the, you know, annoying verbal tics that, you know, it has developed?
Please do let us know…


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