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Manchester Climate Monthly is alive!!

The same people who brought you Manchester Climate Fortnightly are setting up Manchester Climate Monthly.  It will publish on the first Monday of the month, but already there is a growing website over here.  You can hit the subscribe button, … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful: No more MCFly.

Sorry, thought I had left a “closed” message on this site. The last MCFly (issue 61) was published on November 14, 2010. The editor flew (yes, flew) to Australia, and nobody else was interested in learning the ropes. Goodnight and … Continue reading

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MCFly 61

There, done. 8 pages of the blighter, with a bile-filled supplement about… well, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you both. Download as a pdf, or read it below as a scribd document.

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What all these reports and action plans will REALLY be useful for…

Marc Roberts‘ latest cartoon (vastly improved, as usual, from a mediocre script by me – see below). Frank is looking out the window of his house, yelling “Hurry up Zorro, that wave is coming right at us – we’ll all … Continue reading

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Labour Councillor gets away with it

Labour Councillor Mary Murphy has escaped any punishment for substantially altering and then circulating a MCFly story about the Hulme by-election (see details here and here).  On October 21st, following a formal complaint by MCFly, a ‘Code of Conduct for … Continue reading

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Stockport Friends of the Earth examines the “Greenest Government Ever”

Saturday saw a big meeting on climate change happen in Stockport. MCFly couldn’t be there, so is reduced to doing what journalists traditionally do in these circumstances; reprinting a press release… More than 60 people concerned about climate change attended … Continue reading

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MCFly 60 out now

You only have to endure two pages this time.  But 9 compressed stories on the front page, a calendar and 4 more pieces on the back. Never let it be said MCFly is not worth its cover price! PDF here. … Continue reading

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Every little Dr Strangelove helps?

Should we pump a load of sulphur into the upper atmosphere so as to bounce solar radiation back into space before it hits the Earth? That’s probably not the question you’d expect to be posed at a lecture entitled “Climate … Continue reading

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Council’s flights 2007 to 2009

Back in June we submitted a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details of the flights taken on official council business by the Leader and Executive members (politicians) and the Chief Executive and Strategic Management Team (we had … Continue reading

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Foundation and Manchester Airport fail to answer questions

In early September carbon off-setters “Foundation” promised to send answers to very straightforward questions about the tie-in with KroBar  “early next week.”  As reported in MCFlys 57/58. We are still waiting.   Meanwhile, MCFly asked Manchester Airport for a statement about … Continue reading

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