Climate Science

Real Climate
Skeptical Science

Manchester Climate Change Action Plan


Call to Real Action

Manchester City Council

Environmental Strategy Programme Board

Sustainable Neighbourhoods Action Group


Campaign Groups

Call to Real Action

Friends of the Earth

Manchester Green Party

Kindling Trust

Other groups

Abundance Manchester

Action for Sustainable Living


3 Responses to Links

  1. Please can I not be in the council section?!?!? 😉

  2. Er, I’m certainly not part of the council. Neither is EN4M. And we’re not directly funded by them either (indirectly yes, but not directly. It does make a difference). I guess if anything we should go in what you’ve called “other groups.”
    As far as the Council is concerned I am the “VCS/third sector representative” on the SNP, but of course I object to “representing” the whole of Manchester’s voluntary and community sector. I certainly can’t do that and wouldn’t pretend to. I’m basically the bridge between the VCS and the council, and try and get the information flowing both ways. If you need more info check the about section of the SNAG website.

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