Manchester Evening News on Climate Change

Recently the editor of MCFly and David Ottewell had an online exchange about the quality and quantity of the MEN’s coverage of Climate Change.
It ended with a cyber-flounce and a request from MCFly that – if ‘trawling through the archives’ was not to be the metric, then, well, what was.
In the heat of battle, MCFly said that the only two front page stories on climate change that the MEN had run wer one on “Firemen sent to Greece for ‘climate change’training (3 Nov 2008) and “A blow to wind power hopes” (6 Dec 2008, and written by Mr Ottewell himself and blogged by MCFly here.). We were wrong. The 22 February 2008 edition of the MEN had a picture of our pretty planet and the words “Climate chnage What we must do… Special report on the MEN Global Warming Debate Pages 4 & 5” on it.

And the editorial alongside this post, reprinted in the interests of, erm being a useful rhetorical stick for media campaigners to beat the now-under-new-management MEN with, is from 2006. “Going green must be our top priority.” Indeed

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