Frequently (!) Asked Questions

What’s it for?
To keep people informed about climate change developments, especially about what is going on in the North West of England. There are plenty of places to keep tabs on the science, the international and national policy levels. None (that we are aware of) for regular comprehensive updates on the North West.

Who is it for?
People who get paid to worry about climate change in the Greater Manchester region.
People who don’t get paid to worry about climate change, but worry about it freelance(like the MCFly editors- all volunteer labour)
Members of the public who want to know more about climate change- though we don’t run “absolute beginners” articles. Maybe we should?
Sociology students looking for a cheap and easy MA subject

How long will it last?

Issue 61, published on November 14, 2010 will be the Last. Issue. Ever.

Here’s what we wrote in June 2008: : “Until the end of the world, or December 2008, whichever comes first. At the end of the year, after 14 issues, we will have a look and see if it is worth continuing, and if we have the resources.”

March 2009: “Meh, who knows? If it goes under, we’ll let you know what issue is the last. So far we’ve hit 19 deadlines, but without new hands on deck, it’s hard to see it continuing beyond April 2009, at least as a 4-page fortnightly jobbie. Maybe drop to two pages, maybe drop to monthly?”

June 2010: “MCFly will mos def go into cryogenic suspension in mid-November 2010. Adios amoebas!”

Who funds it?
Exxon, British Nuclear Fuels and Ryanair. No, but seriously, if you’ve got some cash lying around, spend it on photocopying MCFlys, cos there ain’t no money. Money isn’t the problem, it’s information, time and distribution. Those things, and the end of the world.

UPDATE- Artists Project Earth have given MCFly a wodge of money to cover printing costs etc. Bless ’em!!

How can I help?
Getting active on climate change and telling us about it.
Leak information that you feel the Public Should Know.
Distribute it- by printing off pdfs and giving them to your friends
Tell us what you think
If you live outside Manchester, by starting your own newsletter. If you think we have anything to teach you, contact us.

How do I submit an event?
Send an email to us. If it isn’t about climate change, please don’t bother.

How do I correct an error?
We never make mistakes. But, hypothetically, if we ever were to get something wrong, we’d put our hands up and admit it.
If we don’t think we have, but you still do, then we will print that our previous statement is disputed, and link to wherever you choose to post your information. Unless you are a volcano nutter, in which case, waste your own goddam time, not ours.

How do I submit a letter?
Well, we’re unlikely to publish, unless it’s very entertaining or very informative. Preferably both.

2 Responses to Frequently (!) Asked Questions

  1. Lindsay Berry says:


    AFSL are partnering up with REEL Mcr to put on a sustainability community consultation event in Cheetham / Crumpsall on 11th November. Is this an event you might be able to publicize in an issue before the event? The aim of the event is to get residents and community groups talking about the types of sustainability projects they would like to see happen / deliver in their area. It is quite a loose themed event becuase it is one of the first in the area and so we are just keen to get lots of people there with their thoughts. If you think you might be able to publish something I can send you the flyer and information.



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