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Another Talking Shop Bites the Dust?

And so the organisation formerly known as the North West Regional Assembly – ‘4NW’ – has been read its last rites by the Coalition, and will grace the headlines no more. Which is sort of the point isnt it? It … Continue reading

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Not Worth Da Attention- NWDA Climate Conference

At the North West Development Agency‘s third annual Climate Change Conference, one speaker painted a picture of the post-Copenhagen negotiators as dazed and confused soldiers, decimated by machine guns, stumbling around the battlefield rallying to this standard, and that bugle … Continue reading

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NWDA replies

In MCFly 23 we reported that NWDA chairman, Bryan Gray, had criticised plans to get a thousand companies in 100 days to sign-up to tackle climate change as ‘pathetic’. The pledges are part of the Prince’s May Day Network, which … Continue reading

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MCFly 017- Roads 1, Climate Sanity 0

Last week two unrelated but very related stories crossed our desk. Firstly, the Northwest Development Agency (based in Warrington, one of nine “development agencies”) had released £1.6 million for a charity called Groundwork to provide financing for local carbon emission-reducing … Continue reading

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