Hulme By-Election

Here you will find info about the November 4th by-election and the positions of the four candidates on climate change. Or at least, the ones who reply.  As of October 18th, the Lib Dems have replied, Labour has said they will by the end of the week. Zilch from the Greens and the Conservatives.
[Update: as of October 23rd, there are answers from the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens. Nothing from the Conservatives.]

Nominations for the Hulme by-election closed on Friday, and were announced today. They are, (drumroll please) –

Grace Baynham – Liberal Democrats
Amina Lone – Labour Party
Deyika Nzeribe – Green Party
Will Stobart – Conservative Party

The Green Party’s efforts to regain the council seat it lost in 2008 have met with failure again.  In the Hulme by-election forced by the resignation of Emily Lomax (caught drunk-driving), Labour finished with more well above half the total votes cast.  Contra MCFly’s glib and ill-informed prediction, the Lib Dems slipped from second to third (no general election to help them on their way this time).  The Greens therefore move back to ‘second’ place in this ward, but that will presumably be cold comfort.

Hulme By-Election results – Lab 1031, Green 451, Lib Dems 151, Cons 67

Turnout 10.9%


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