Manchester Climate Monthly is alive!!

The same people who brought you Manchester Climate Fortnightly are setting up Manchester Climate Monthly.  It will publish on the first Monday of the month, but already there is a growing website over here.  You can hit the subscribe button, or – even better – fill in our survey so we know a bit about you…

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Reasons to be cheerful: No more MCFly.

Sorry, thought I had left a “closed” message on this site. The last MCFly (issue 61) was published on November 14, 2010.

The editor flew (yes, flew) to Australia, and nobody else was interested in learning the ropes.

Goodnight and good luck.

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Statement re: “Manchester Airport on Trial”

For more information about the case of two groups of activists on trial for actions they are alleged to have taken in May 2010, see their website.  MCFly was promised (twice, and personally) statements from the Press Team at Manchester Airport about the trial.  Those promises were, sadly, not kept.

Manchester Airport is owned by the 10 local authorities of Greater Manchester. Manchester City Council owns 55%, with the other 9 councils owning 5% each.  While the airport’s ground operations are relatively “green”, the airport is refusing to take responsibility for any proportion of the emissions of the planes taking off, flying or landing, on the pretext that there is no internationally agreed way of sharing out these emissions between the origin and destination of a flight.  But this will change, and as majority owner of the Airport, Manchester City Council will have to take ownership of a proportion of the aviation emissions.  Including these extra emissions will make its ambitious carbon reductions targets set out in the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan impossible to achieve.
Any non-violent action that does not endanger lives which is taken to discourage the Airport’s owners from expanding the airport should be applauded and supported by any sane human being concerned for the fate of the planet.  We no longer sell slaves, or deny voting rights to women, and we are astounded that such practices were ever the norm.  We will look back at airport growth with the same incredulity.
Marc Hudson, editor of Manchester Climate Fortnightly 2008-2010.

[It is a matter of public record that I am flying to Australia to spend a year with my parents, and returning overland. Doubtless this will bring cries of ‘hypocrisy’ from those keen to change the subject from the City Council’s responsibility,  but the activists on trial have said they still want me to provide a statement.]

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Manchester Evening News on Climate Change

Recently the editor of MCFly and David Ottewell had an online exchange about the quality and quantity of the MEN’s coverage of Climate Change.
It ended with a cyber-flounce and a request from MCFly that – if ‘trawling through the archives’ was not to be the metric, then, well, what was.
In the heat of battle, MCFly said that the only two front page stories on climate change that the MEN had run wer one on “Firemen sent to Greece for ‘climate change’training (3 Nov 2008) and “A blow to wind power hopes” (6 Dec 2008, and written by Mr Ottewell himself and blogged by MCFly here.). We were wrong. The 22 February 2008 edition of the MEN had a picture of our pretty planet and the words “Climate chnage What we must do… Special report on the MEN Global Warming Debate Pages 4 & 5” on it.

And the editorial alongside this post, reprinted in the interests of, erm being a useful rhetorical stick for media campaigners to beat the now-under-new-management MEN with, is from 2006. “Going green must be our top priority.” Indeed

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Steady (state) on old chaps – Manchester City Council to investigate steady-state economics

The Green City Team at Manchester City Council has committed to producing a report on the implications of a ‘steady-state’ economy for Manchester. No date has been given for the publication of the report, which will be tabled to the Economy, Employment and Skills Oversight and Scrutiny Committee, made up of Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors. It will draw on work by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies and new economics foundation, but the implication was that it would be sooner rather than later.

The Economy, Employment and Skills Oversight and Scrutiny Committee is made up of councillors from the governing Labour party and the Liberal Democrat opposition. It meets “twice within an eight week period to hold decision makers to account and to develop policy within its area of concern.  This area includes economic growth, strategic transport, employment, regeneration, tourism, the voluntary sector, City region, Core Cities, adult skills development (aged 16+) and worklessness.

The very production of the report generated controversy. The editor of MCFly, invited to give evidence to the Committee, cited the work of Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre to the effect that a growth economy in the developed world would make achieving carbon emissions reductions that gave any reasonable prospect of avoiding a dangerously warmer world impossible. What was therefore needed, to achieve the sought-after ‘first mover’ advantage was work on the implications of a steady-state economy. After a question and answer session, Liberal Democrat councillor Vincent Chamberlain asked the chair of the committee if this work would be taken forward. Councillor Hugh Barrett was not in favour, stating that the work would be above the remit of the committee, and against the ‘jobs’ agenda. The Green City representative then offered to write a report, but stated it would not be available ‘in the next two weeks’ (Cllr Barrett made an aside to the effect that two years would be his preferred timeframe). The chair then asked for agreement, and as no-one demurred, a report will be produced.

MCFly will not be around to report on this, but Manchester Mule is picking up the threads, and will keep tabs on the progress and rigour of the report, and its further ramifications.

Meetings of the Economy, Employment and Skills committee are open to the public, and there is no need to book. Meetings take place in Castle Grayskull (also known as Manchester Town Hall)

Future meeting dates for this committee are as follows. 15 December, 12 January 2011 and 9 February 2011, 7 March 2011

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Open letter to the Labour Party concerning Mary Murphy

Dear Sir/Madam

re: behaviour of Cllr Mary Murphy (Hulme ward)

I am writing to you about the behaviour of one of the elected members of the Labour Party. As you will be aware, Mary Murphy circulated an article from “Manchester Climate Fortnightly” (MCFly) that she had altered in many important respects. The doctored article gave the false impression that MCFly endorsed/approved of the Labour Candidate in the Hulme bye-election. As an independent newsletter, MCFly has never formally endorsed any candidate for any election.

Full details of the events around this are to be found on the following web pages
MCFly lodges formal complaint about Councillor’s behaviour (Oct 12)
Doctored MCFly story sent to Hulme Residents during election campaign (Oct 12)
Labour Councillor gets away with it (Nov 12)
That Mary Murphy decision in full (Nov 12)

Although Councillor Murphy has since claimed it was a “spoof gone wrong”, at the time she sent it out to a Hulme Residents Online list, she did not make this clear – even after being challenged on the alterations. At no point since then – to my knowledge – has she made any effort to clarify that it was a spoof and to apologise publicly for her behaviour. She has displayed – at best – appallingly poor judgement.

I complained using official Council channels, and have been told that because she did not use her official council email, they are going to take no action.
I am writing to ask whether you are going to take any action at all on this matter. I am assuming this sort of behaviour on her part is not the sort of thing the Labour party endorses.

To take no action will be perceived by people watching this case – and there are some – as tacitly condoning what she has done.

At the minimum there should be an apology for the distortion, and a public censure of her.

Marc Hudson
editor Manchester Climate Fortnightly

cc.  Richard Leese (Leader of Manchester City Council), Cllr Nigel Murphy (Senior councillor in Hulme ward), Tony Lloyd, MP.

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MCFly 61

There, done. 8 pages of the blighter, with a bile-filled supplement about… well, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you both.

Download as a pdf, or read it below as a scribd document.

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