Open letter to the Labour Party concerning Mary Murphy

Dear Sir/Madam

re: behaviour of Cllr Mary Murphy (Hulme ward)

I am writing to you about the behaviour of one of the elected members of the Labour Party. As you will be aware, Mary Murphy circulated an article from “Manchester Climate Fortnightly” (MCFly) that she had altered in many important respects. The doctored article gave the false impression that MCFly endorsed/approved of the Labour Candidate in the Hulme bye-election. As an independent newsletter, MCFly has never formally endorsed any candidate for any election.

Full details of the events around this are to be found on the following web pages
MCFly lodges formal complaint about Councillor’s behaviour (Oct 12)
Doctored MCFly story sent to Hulme Residents during election campaign (Oct 12)
Labour Councillor gets away with it (Nov 12)
That Mary Murphy decision in full (Nov 12)

Although Councillor Murphy has since claimed it was a “spoof gone wrong”, at the time she sent it out to a Hulme Residents Online list, she did not make this clear – even after being challenged on the alterations. At no point since then – to my knowledge – has she made any effort to clarify that it was a spoof and to apologise publicly for her behaviour. She has displayed – at best – appallingly poor judgement.

I complained using official Council channels, and have been told that because she did not use her official council email, they are going to take no action.
I am writing to ask whether you are going to take any action at all on this matter. I am assuming this sort of behaviour on her part is not the sort of thing the Labour party endorses.

To take no action will be perceived by people watching this case – and there are some – as tacitly condoning what she has done.

At the minimum there should be an apology for the distortion, and a public censure of her.

Marc Hudson
editor Manchester Climate Fortnightly

cc.  Richard Leese (Leader of Manchester City Council), Cllr Nigel Murphy (Senior councillor in Hulme ward), Tony Lloyd, MP.


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