Waiting for Godot and the Website

A different correspondent (who knew MCFly had so many readers) has written:

Hi Marc,
On the mcfly blog you say that open registration for the 30th Nov stakeholder conf will be up at the end of the week – did they mean end of this week (5th Nov) or next week (12th)?
Was gonna email them, but not sure whether to hold my horses.
Don’t think much of that website of theirs, terribly vague and confusing to navigate.

Well, a) they meant 5th November b) Email them and c) On their website?  Well, I couldn’t possibly comment;  This is the same website that they have been promising for a year would soon be updated and all-singing and all-dancing and interactive.  At the latest Environmental Advisory Panel in mid-October we were proudly told by the Green City Team that “phase 2” was going up by the beginning of November and that we panellists would get an early look-see and be asked our opinions…..  ooh look… there’s a tumble-weed….

Sense of Urgency, much?

On the broader question – over the lack of any sense of hope or enthusiasm for this blighted November 30 horror-show – well, I couldn’t possibly comment.


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