Noses and time both out of joint

This landed in MCFly’s inbox

“Hi Marc
I want to book onto the Nov 30th City Council stakeholders conference for ‘Manchester a Certain Future’ but I can’t find a way of doing this. Do they really want the citizens of Manchester there? LIke you I have been encouraging people to book on, but it now seems that it isn’t an open invitation. Do you know what the situation is? And can you point me in the right direction?

Well, I gave some robust opinions (good solid Anglo-Saxon words) and some suggestions.  This came back

It’s so disappointing. I would have thought that ‘stakeholders’ in this context means anyone in the city who gives a damn. Obviously not.

(The allusion in the title is to Hamlet. About here (line 188))


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4 Responses to Noses and time both out of joint

  1. Steve Connor says:

    Dear Marc,

    I’m sorry that your correspondent is so frustrated. I can let you know – following a Stakeholder Steering Group meeting tonight, that details of the conference and how to register will go up online at the end of this week. If you or any McFly readers want to find out more before this happens, please email me and I’ll do my best to help.

    All the best

    Steve Connor

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