Green Party candidate answers

The Green Party candidate for the Hulme by-election on November 4th has supplied answers to the questions in MCFly’s ‘electronic hustings’.

You can read them here.

The candidates from three parties – the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens have now provided their answers.

The Conservative candidate has not responded. MCFly will waste a little more time trying to get their answers, but would remind readers that when a pre-election debate was held in April 2010 (by MCFly’s editor) on the topic “Is Manchester City Council taking the right action on climate change?” the Conservatives named a panellist (good wayto avoid bad publicity) and then withdrew her on the morning of the debate itself. No offer of an alternate, no written statement on the Manchester Conservatives’ answer to the question. It’s almost as if they have contempt for the issue, and contempt for the electorate…


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