Invitations and Endorsements

In November 2009, the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan (aka Manchester: A Certain Future) was endorsed by the Executive of Manchester City Council. It is a plan for the city, not just the council, and commits us all (with fuzzy penalties for failure it’s true) to a 41% reduction in C02 emissions by 2020 and the creation of a “low carbon culture.”

The City Council then started inviting organisations to endorse the plan. This involved nothing more onerous than saying you’d endorse it, identifying one or two people in your organisation with responsibility/liaison roles and saying that at some point the organisation would make its own delivery plan.

At least 1335 organisations have been invited to sign up. MCFly has seen the list (thanks, Sir Richard, technically I could have done it without you, but it would have taken 20 working days plus the customary extended delay while my FOIA was ignored).

And how many of the 1335+ have actually signed up? 120. Less than 10%.
And given that
a) that number includes mostly usual suspects like the Manchester PCT and Northwards Housing and that
b) nobody appears to have PUBLICLY endorsed the plan and started engaging their workforce on it
c) I’d say the Ball has been Fundamentally Fumbled.

How totally unhelpful.


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