Council’s flights 2007 to 2009

Back in June we submitted a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details of the flights taken on official council business by the Leader and Executive members (politicians) and the Chief Executive and Strategic Management Team (we had a bit of a senior moment and had called it Senior Management team, but they knew what we meant). We nominated the period 1st January 2007 to 31st December 2009 because it was during this time that the Council ramped up the rhetoric about the importance of climate change and being green.
We also asked what carbon offsets had been bought.

We’ve written a bit more on the story here, but this page will let you access the raw information they sent back to us.

As pdfs
The cover letter

Table of Leader and Exec Members flights

Table of Chief Exec and SMT flights

And as Scribd Docs


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One Response to Council’s flights 2007 to 2009

  1. David Henry says:

    Nice, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Bournemouth, Edinburgh! ? Thanks for exposing this.

    Absolutely disgraceful. The Carbon footprint of the council cabinet much bet on a par with an entire council ward. Have Sir Richard still not heard of Video-conferencing?

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