Greenest City by 2010? Whoops!!

For those of you with long memories (and strong stomachs for swallowing green jelly in Mancunian quantities), the goal of being “the greenest city in England by 2010” may ring a bell. Until a couple of years ago, this was still trotted out as a sign of Good Intentions.

No particular league table was ever pointed to, but the one devised by Forum for the Future would be a reasonable measuring stick, no?

Well, the latest league table is out.  And Manchester has soared from 14th to … 13th.  At this rate of progress, then next year we can expect to be back to where we were in 2008.  That is to say, 12th.

Not going to get into any kind of European competition at that rate. Do we need to flog a couple of strikers?   Get bought out by some impossibly wealthy oil gazillionaire? Pay off a referee?  It’s a game of two hahas, innit…


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1 Response to Greenest City by 2010? Whoops!!

  1. Patrick Sudlow says:

    When it comes to the installation of renewables the UK has the third worst record of the 27 member states of the EU. With only Turkey and Luxembourg worse. So Manchester must be miles behind other EU cities. The council even appear sceptical about peak-oil which will have a more immediate effect. So how they can still push for the expansion of Manchester Airport and achieve their supposed targets is a bit mystifying. They should look towards the Alpine nations who set-up the ‘Alpine Initiative’ which shifted freight from road to rail.

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