Council rag in “ignoring-own-climate-plan” shocker

The latest Manchester Pravda [er, surely “Manchester People”? Ed] slithers onto the doormat.
It is a quarterly “news”paper produced by Manchester City Council. It isn’t exactly fearless investigative journalism, (sample headline “Three cheers for our schools”), and MCFly only reads – and writes of – it to see what (isn’t) being reported about the awol Climate Change Action Plan.

Oh dear oh dear.

Issue 44 finds space for stories on schools, websites, libraries, dog owners, an anti-burglary campaign and the 5th annual Manchester Women’s Awards (congrats, Betty).

Asides a glancing reference to “green roofs” in the graphic centrespread about the Town Hall Extension being revamped, climate obsessives have to drum their fingers until page 15 (of a total of 16), where – buried in a story about the rather cool Abundance Manchester project – there is the following;

“The project is also contributing to the city’s climate change action plan, which aims to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 41 per cent by 2020, and helps individuals and organisations live low-carbon lifestyles.”

No mention of the all-singing all-dancing and highly interactive official website. No mention of the widely publicised Stakeholder Conference on Tuesday November 30. No mention of the Council’s (delayed-but-now) impending “Internal Delivery Plan,” due for release on Weds 20th October.

What’s going on? Greater minds than MCFly’s will have to ponder why the Council – in its own propaganda outlet – is hiding its fabulous light under a bushel.



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