STOP PRESS: City Council in “no comment” shocker on Aviation trial!

In one of the most surprising statements since Bono admitted to being a little bit up himself, Manchester City Council have responded to MCFly’s request for a comment on the impending trial of aviation activists with the following;

“Unfortunately, as this is an ongoing court case, it would be inappropriate for us to comment at this stage.”

A few inconvenient home truths: Manchester City Council owns 55% of Manchester Airports Group, and the profits go to keeping council tax lower-than-it-otherwise-would-be.
Manchester City Council also has created – with a little assistance here and there – a “Manchester Climate Change Action Plan” which calls for a 41% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 and the creation of a “low carbon culture”. The latter is surely impossible with an expanding airport, with people assuming it is both normal and good to take weekend breaks in Prague and a quick week in Thailand.
The former goal will only be doable if the Council CONTINUES with the fiction that only the “on the ground” emissions from the airport are to be counted. At some point international aviation emissions will be shared out between country of arrival and country of departure. When that happens, Manchester will have a much higher target to hit, and all the green roofs and cycling and recycling being done/talked about will count for nothing.

And when that day comes, MCFly will not be there to report.


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2 Responses to STOP PRESS: City Council in “no comment” shocker on Aviation trial!

  1. Patrick Sudlow says:

    Talking about recycling nearly one third of domestic waste collected for recycling is rejected and lands up in Landfill. Also the MEN has an article about the increase in air freight. Most of the goods could more environmentally transported via rail and sea.

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