Social Clim(at)ing MCFly 58

* Which very high profile figure was seen getting out of a taxi to attend the launch of “Green in the City” (see page 2). The venue, Whitworth Gallery, on Oxford Road, is on the busiest bus route in Europe (admittedly it was early in the day). MCFly has a Duty to Report, but a larger fear of being like that character in Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon”; you know, the one who gets a bullet in the back of the neck after a short walk down, erm, a Corridor.

* For a half an hour there, people invited to “Green Drinks” on Tues 12th October at Lammars (57 Hilton St, since you ask) were being told that MCFly’s editor worked for Manchester City Council. A reader in Wigan reports hearing the howls of disbelief and anguish quite clearly. An amended invite was sent out quicker than … a Nov 30 invite.

* Free advice to anyone whose pet group is being critiqued by MCFly for its national-ism. It might be a good idea to get a better comeback than “well, what have YOU done locally lately?” Just sayin’.


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