Climate Change Strategy for Greater Manchester

The production of a Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy has been agreed by the “Association of Greater Manchester Authorities” (AGMA) at its September meeting. This will collate existing theme and district plans into a single strategy which will underpin the Greater Manchester Strategy agreed in July 2009. As well as advancing joint working between themes and districts, the timing of this piece of work will also enable GM to adjust to other changes arising from climate change policies and programmes being implemented by the new Government.
The development of the strategy will be undertaken by a task group led by Richard Sharland (Head of Environmental Strategy at Manchester City Council). Work will be carried out in two phases – a draft document by January followed by a consultation process to April/May. 
This Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy will have a 2020 target date, so you may end up recognising chunks of the intensively-publicised and extensively-endorsed “Manchester: A Certain Future.”


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