Newsflash(es): Manchester Green Party and Newcastle (Australia) action

Manchester Green Party is in slight disarray following the resignation of Gayle O’Donovan.
As reported in MCFly 57, Ms O’Donovan was the Party’s candidate for the Hulme ward by-election. The by-election is to be held on Thursday November 4, and has been called after the resignation of one of the three sitting Labour Councillors, Emily Lomax. Ms Lomax had been involved in a road traffic accident, was found to be over the blood alcohol limit and promptly resigned her seat
The official reason given for Ms O’Donovan’s departure – which is by no means the only resignation the local party has suffered in the last few days – is that she is too busy with her new post on the national Green Party’s Executive.
The Liberal Democrats, who had come second in this year’s Council Elections in Hulme, where the Greens had held a seat from 2003 to 2008, have started actively campaigning in the seat, with a leaflet distribution today.
MCFly will contact the Greens for an official statement. When we know who their new candidate is, we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Monday 27 Sept, 7am. We are reliably informed that the candidate is David Henry, who grew up in Hulme. He was the ‘Hazel must go’ candidate in Salford and Eccles.
The Labour candidate, btw, is Amina Lone, who has stood unsuccessfully in other wards in Manchester

Meanwhile, if you need inspiration, clock this from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation….


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