Weds 29 Sept Friends of the Earth event

MCFly doesn’t usually puff individual events but
a) this one looks good and
b) it didn’t get included in the paper MCFly (57) because we didn’t get told about it.

UPDATE: When FOE announced this event, Ed Miliband was going to be attending. Now he is not.

Friends of the Earth are hosting a fringe event called “Going Local to Secure a Low Carbon Future” about our campaign to persuade the Government to introduce local carbon budgets. It is taking place from 1pm – 2pm on Wednesday 29 September in Manchester Town Hall, and will feature John Denham MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government), SOMEONE OTHER THAN Ed Miliband MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change), Sir Richard Leese (Leader of Manchester City Council), Heather Wakefield (UNISON) and Alan Simpson(Friends of the Earth). It’s free, and open to all!


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2 Responses to Weds 29 Sept Friends of the Earth event

  1. Patrick Sudlow says:

    Unfortunately it clashes with a fringe meeting which Caroline Lucas attending. what have you been saying about Manchester environmental groups getting it together.

    • dwighttowers says:

      Well, the Manchester Green Party weren’t even aware of the Lucas gig. I think it’s very very hard NOT to clash during the Labour Party Conference. There are dozens and dozens of meetings going on. That said, I strongly suspect I won’t be at any of them, since I am wage-slaving – would be very grateful for guest bloggers to report from them…

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