Ed Miliband interviewed!

On February 25th of this year, that is.

How’s that for a cynical and desperate attempt to up the numbers on this website?

Click here for that February 25 interview.

5 white men, see how they talk... Picture by Simon Pardoe

We also grudgingly said nice things about the man in May 2009 and in July 2009, when he was in Manchester in 2009.

A chunk of that latter post bears re-posting

“That said, I don’t see what more- on a personal level- you can expect from a politician than she/he
a) turns up in spirit as well as flesh,
b) doesn’t overuse precious time (he again kept the ratio of his introductory remarks to total time at about 1 to 4), and
c) actually listens to questions and answers them coherently and concisely.
I don’t know where Ed Miliband got his “working a room” skills. Maybe from his rather cool dad? Maybe he just honed them himself? But – and this is the strangest compliment I will ever pay a Cabinet minister- he wouldn’t have been out of place in an anarcha-feminist gathering of Climate Campers. He was judicious in seeking out female speakers, was neither patronising or over-solicitous, turned questions around, sought more information etc. I know several self-proclaimed “non-hierarchicals” who could learn a thing or three from watching this Labour Party (stodgy hierarchical) and Cabinet (powerful bearpit hierarchical) minister operate.”

There is actually a disturbing number of MCFly posts that mention him. I am not on retainer, but maybe I should be.


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3 Responses to Ed Miliband interviewed!

  1. Patrick Sudlow says:

    Ed Miliband may be the best of a bad bunch but as far as environmental and economic issues he is a dinosaur just like the rest of the ruling elite.

  2. mystictim says:

    Don’t be fooled by those puppy dog eyes and don’t forget he helped to wreak the negotiations at Copenhagen

    • dwighttowers says:

      Hi mysticism,

      it’s good advice – I probably am in danger of being fooled by those puppy dog eyes a bit. I didn’t follow Copenhagen super close (well, we did daily updates over at ‘climate slamdown’, but I didn’t really pay attention to the mechanics of how it feel apart, because it was ALWAYS going to fall apart.) Thanks for commenting, and hope you can make it to one/some of the Fringe events (I mean the ones leading up to the November 30th Stakeholder conference, not the Labour Party Fringe ones!)

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