Richard Leese acknowledges aviation?!

Well, that’s the good news. As is so often the case with Manchester City Council and climate change – it’s all downhill after the headline.

The back story: MCFly’s editor has been posting comments on Richard Leese’s “the Leader’s Blog”, where relevant, about how Manchester is going to have to put some proportion of the emissions from Manchester Airport into its own carbon budget. In an earlier post, he managed to respond to two different people who’d made comments about football, but somehow didn’t have the time to reply to my comment.
In response to a more recent comment, he has found the time to post the following.

“Marc, I understand you’re returning to Australia soon. Just out of curiosity, how are you planning to get there and how did you get here in the first place?”

Here is my reply, in case for some reason (my paranoia knows no bounds) it fell victim to that nasty virus the Council has had this last year…

Interesting Richard, that rather than address the substantive point (that Manchester is going to have to include emissions from the airport in its carbon budget) that you finally respond by asking a question you already know the answer to. Nice to see such a commitment to rational debate from you.

As you well know, I am flying to Australia. I am really unhappy about the idea, and I will be finding out how much the normal ‘offset’ price is and then donating the sum to a proper environmental organisation that can keep tabs on, oh, I don’t know, a local authority that is good on greenwash but fairly useless on actually delivering anything. Can you help me out by suggesting one?

This is, by the way, the first flight I have taken in four years, and it is being taken to visit (quite possibly for the last time) my aging parents. I am staying for a year (so you don’t have to go to the bother of initially responding to and then ignoring Freedom of Information Act requests for a while) and coming back overland. I can’t go overland both ways. I do not have the time or the money. If I did, I would.

A question back to you then – one that I know the answer to, since you’ve established a precedent- , how did you and your director of Environmental Strategy get to and from the Copenhagen conference last year, a journey for which there was a perfectly feasible land route. I seem to recall this issue was raised via the figleaf known as the Environmental Advisory Panel, and duly ignored.


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