Manchester: A Certain Future 2010

You read it here first (perhaps); details of the “Stakeholder Conference” that MCFly has been banging on about so relentlessly.

Venue: Museum of Science and Industry
Date: Tuesday November 30th 2010
Title: Manchester; A Certain Future 2010
Timings: 9.30 – 10am Registration and Coffee and 4pm close
Delegates: up to 250

Opening Plenary with Steve Connor (Chair) and Sir Richard Leese (Opening Speaker);
Closing Plenary with Steve Connor (Chair) and Keynote Speaker (tbc);
Workshops (X2) in am and pm;

5 Key Questions will be asked to stakeholders and partners in the run up to the conference (see below). These will help the organisers arrange the workshop and marketplace area.

1. Tell us what you are doing that deserves to be more widely communicated? Choose one story that encompasses your successes.
2. What barriers have you encountered that as a city we could tackle together?
3. What does your next phase of action look like?
4. What connections could you make to further your work? New partners? Other sectors? Other communities?
5. How can we collectively recruit more people to aid our progress?

MCFly comments: Well, there’s a name now, and presumably in a week or two there’ll be more details about who can go (is it only people from endorsing organisations?) and how they can sign up.
Interesting that opinions are not being sought on what is missing or inadequate in the Plan. But that of course can happen anyhow.
More information as it comes to hand.


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