MCFly 57- Claims to openness utterly without Foundation?

MCFly wanted to know how the sponsorship deal between the Kro Bar chain and the carbon offset outfit “Foundation” was getting along. We sent off an email on Friday 3rd September to Foundation-
“Manchester Climate Fortnightly is going to run a story on the amount of money generated for Foundation from the “tie-in” with Kro Bar. It has been suggested to us by a confidential source that this sum is a great deal smaller than had been anticipated. We would like to know
– what target amount was anticipated in the original agreement with Kro?
– what is the amount raised to 31 August?
– is the agreement under review?”

And we got a swift response! Within an hour top bod Mark Turner had replied “Thank you for your query. As I’m sure you will appreciate I will need to gather a few facts and figures before I can fully respond to your request (especially the second point raised). I’ll get on with this & hope to get back to you early next week.”
Since then… nada. Not even a “this is taking a little longer than we thought it would” email.
Last year, when MCFly tried to get some basic answers to questions about whether there were any criteria for Kro becoming a sponsor, we were met with a wall of silence both from Kro and from Foundation. If nothing else it gave us an excuse for some great headlines. Who can forget “Getting Facts out of these guys? You need a KroBar”(MCFly 36)?
Much later a senior Foundation person told us that they had adopted a “least said soonest mended” policy. After an initial burst of openness, or rather, after a promise of openness, have they slipped back into old habits? Maybe it is something that Foundation’s “reputation managers”, a company called Souters, could enlighten us all about?


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