Steering Group news

As reported on the MCFly website, the Steering Group has new members. From the Council – Cllrs Paul Andrews (Exec Member for Neighbourhood Services) and Nigel Murphy (Exec for Environment) and Richard Paver, the Council’s Treasurer.
From the “Manchester Board” Phil Korbel (of Radio Regen) and David Regan (Director of Public Health).
From the EAP – Dave Coleman (Friends of the Earth), Nigel Rose and Steve Connor (Chair).
Four other (gasp, female!) steering group members have signed on – Jackie Potter, chief exec of “Corridor”, Helen Bidwell, Director and Head of Research and Consultation at Vision TwentyOne, a “Stakeholder Analysis and Communications” company, Gaby Porter of Action for Sustainable Living and Laura Wolfe, of the marketing company Journey 9 “marketing for innovation and growth.”
Two more people have been invited – a business person and an academic. If/when they accept or decline, MCFly will report
The Steering Group next meets late September, but will NOT be opening its meetings to observers in the short term. Outcomes of the meetings will be posted on


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