Richard Leese interviewed

The leader of Manchester City Council, Richard Leese, has been quizzed by MCFly in a face-to-face interview covering everything from Peak Oil to the eating of meat, the November 30th “Stakeholder Conference” to the desirability of economic growth.
On the Airport’s role “Will we still be hosting those [international] events, will people want to travel around the world to do things, is that something we ought to be encouraging? I would say most definitely yes….But this is not a status quo argument. The point is we’re going to have to start doing all those things differently. It will change.”
The full transcript of the interview is available on the MCFly website. Mr Leese has also agreed to be interviewed after the Council’s Internal Delivery Plan of its climate change action is launched in September 2010. If you’ve questions you’d like us to put to him, let us know


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  1. marc says:

    the strange alternative to desktops that SRL refers to is their ‘Citrix’ system – of 3G delivered ‘thin servers’ – where you have a dumb receiver machine and the programmes/data are run from the centre – might be lower C02.

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