Manchester Evening News fails irony test?

So this letter was published in the Manchester Evening Nuisance today (I see profits for MEN’s new owners are Trinity Mirror are up. Is there anyone left in the newsroom?).

Well done Tesco
Lots of people like to have a ‘pop’ at Tesco just because the lifestyle they foster seems bland and consumerist. I confess that I’ve done so in the past. But now I hear through the Manchester Climate Fortnightly newsletter that Tesco have done something that really helps us all to shop with them without having to get the car out and add that to our carbon footprint. Or you can share a taxi, saving a few quid on that. The idea is simple: log on, post a proposed shopping trip to a Tesco megastore and then wait to see if someone else wants to do the same sort of trip at the same sort of time so you can share the trip.Tesco call it a CarBon Voyage and it seems a simple idea to pull in the customers and I wonder more businesses and shoppers don’t share Tesco’s enterprise. Is it because they prefer to support local businesses and products that aren’t so bland, or is it because some of us still like a walk to the market or corner shop – it’s free and doesn’t mean we have to plan our lives on a computer? And I wonder if that means that Tesco will stop taking over petrol stations, crushing local shops and pushing so much processed food. As they say, ‘Every little helps!’

M O’Toole, Warrington

As an astute commentator says “the MEN seems not to see irony– or perhaps sets out to subvert it?”

Can you make this stuff up?


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