Three new members for Steering Group

The Steering Group for the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan has taken on as many as four new members.
The three confirmed, who will join the initial twelve for this week’s second meeting of the group responsible for the all-important “Stakeholder Conference” on Tuesday November 30th, are as follows;
Jackie Potter, chief exec of Corridor. [“The Corridor is one of the most exciting areas in central Manchester. Stretching from St. Peter’s Square to Whitworth Park it forms the backbone of the city’s knowledge economy.The businesses and institutions that occupy the Corridor employ 55,000 people -18% of the city’s workforce. Together, they generate £2.8 billion (22.5% of the city’s Gross Value Added, GVA), while over 40% of activity is knowledge intensive, almost double the national average.”]
Helen Bidwell, Director and Head of Research and Consultation at Vision TwentyOne, a “Stakeholder Analysis and Communications” company
Laura Wolfe, of the marketing company Journey 9 “marketing for innovation and growth”

The final new member will be announced very soon.

The Steering Group was set up earlier this year, and consists of three members of the Council (Councillors Nigel Murphy and Paul Andrews and also an officer Richard Paver), three members of the “Manchester Board” (the local strategic partnership), including the ubiquitous Phil Korbel and three from the Environmental Advisory Panel, including Dave Coleman of Friends of the Earth. The Group is chaired by Steve Connor, of the sustainability communications company “Creative Concern.”
Its job is to well, as the name implies, steer the Action Plan that was launched last December.

More information shortly.


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