Carbon Reduction Group

What is the Carbon Reduction Group aiming to achieve in the next year?
The Group has been formed to co-ordinate the activities of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce member organisations who provide energy reduction and carbon management services. Earlier this year we carried out a carbon skills and capacity survey of all Greater Manchester Chamber members, we now have over 90 members involved in the group.

The main aims are:-

  • To work to reduce carbon emissions across Greater Manchester.
  • To share carbon reduction knowledge across member organisations.
  • To establish ‘best practice’ in the provision of professional services relating to carbon reduction.
  • To increase awareness across the marketplace of the expertise that exists within GMCC membership in these areas.
  • To form alliances to provide cross-company, multi-disciplinary services where these may be of use to a client body.
  • To provide a private sector counterpoint to the public sector initiatives in this area.
  • To help to establish Greater Manchester as an international centre of expertise in carbon reduction.
  • To capture and disseminate new information and technologies in the field.

What is its main focus (energy efficiency, energy generation, transport, behaviour change etc)
Its main focus is energy & carbon reduction, therefore all & more of the above.
A year from now, how will you know if you’ve succeeded?
We are having a conference on the 16th July that will provide members with an opportunity to determine the structure and direction of the group.  The event will introduce the aims and objectives of the group, it is hoped we agree on ways in which to measure our success. Sir Richard Leese, will headline the meeting, outlining how the public sector is organising to meet the carbon reduction challenge and what role we can play in that task. Phil Jones, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Sales and Marketing Director of Brother UK, will present a case study to inform delegates of the challenges and opportunities businesses face.

At the moment, I would like to measure success by increased membership of the group and by a number of cross-company alliances successfully working to reduce carbon emissions on a local/national/international scale.

Who is on the team?

Currently the Steering Group comprises:

Myself – Chair
Phil Cusack – AECOM
Michelle Headrige – Addleshaw Goddard.
Richard Critchley – GM Chamber
Chris Fletcher – GM Chamber
Mike Dinsdale – CSR UK
Miranda Allan – Allan Environmental Solutions
It is hoped more people will join the steering group after the conference.

What funding does it have from the Chamber? (or is this pro bono?)
There is no direct funding, therefore from the Steering Groups perspective is pro bono. The group does, however, have the full backing of the Chamber and the potential to call on the skills and resources of over 5,300 members.

What examples of best practice is it looking at from within the city and beyond the city?
We are looking for any examples of best practice that have measurable carbon reductions that can be replicated by other businesses across Manchester.
Who will it report to? And when?
The group is ultimately responsible to the 5,300 chamber members it has been set up to support.

What are the low hanging fruit?

There are two early opportunities for the group to address; to develop networks and better inter-agency working with the business community and to promote and raise the profile of business in Greater Manchester involved in the carbon reduction sector.

The group will not duplicate existing activities but will help to give a voice to ordinary businesses and help ensure that they are plugged into and engaged with the various activities taking place across the city-region. It is vital that local firms are given a fair chance to compete and demonstrate their expertise in order to grow Greater Manchester as a low carbon economy.


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