MCFly 048 – MCFly in abusive email allegation shocker

MCFly was at the local election count on Friday afternoon at Castle Grayskull (aka Manchester Town Hall). We tried to get a statement from Nigel Murphy, who retained his Hulme seat despite a spirited and clean challenge by the Green Party. Cllr Murphy, Richard Cowell’s deputy, had not responded to multiple emails inviting him to answer the same questions we posed to the Greens, the Lib Dems and to Richard Cowell himself. Cllr Murphy told us somewhat abruptly “I’ll call you later.” [We’re still waiting by the phone like a lovelorn teenager]. His fellow Hulme councillor, Cllr Mary Murphy, then helpfully interjected that she’d “seen [MCFly’s] abusive email.” Well, we’ve checked our correspondence to Nigel Murphy- three unanswered emails. We’ve posted them at for the world to judge.

If Cllr Murphy (either of them) would like to point out the abusive bit, we will gladly apologise. If there is nothing abusive then we are certain that Cllr Mary Murphy will – despite what some might predict – publicly retract her allegation and apologise for it


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3 Responses to MCFly 048 – MCFly in abusive email allegation shocker

  1. Thanks, "Anonymous" (I'm sure I could ferret out who you are if I put my mind to it). I have done gone and fixed up that ol' blunder!

  2. Oh wow! We have another reader! The person I thought had sent the message says it wasn't him/her. This means we've doubled our readership!

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