MCFly 045- The Council Gritter

No further news from Manchester City Council about how much money it is planning to allocate to climate change in the coming year(s).

But at least it’s leading the way in transparency by posting the minutes of the Environmental Strategy Programme Board promptly. Any day now they’ll put the minutes from November 2009 onwards on their website, oh yes.

MCFly seems to have missed the press release where Manchester City Council admitted that it didn’t get the half a million quid it wanted from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to create a Low Carbon Community Hub in South Manchester.

And that its farcical “Manchester Prize”, one of the so-called ‘Catalytic Actions’ from the 2009 “Call to Action” report is, well, not doing very well at all. MCFly is secretly relieved that -and we quote- “some further work has been undertaken to explore the options for creating a Manchester Prize, [that’s bureacratese for ‘we have moved the folder from one filing cabinet to another’] but these ideas have not yet been considered or developed due to other priorities.”

Is this where we hoped we’d be in November 2009? What. Happened. To. The. Momentum?


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