MCFly 045- Do the right thing?

On Tuesday April 20, four candidates for local council seats will take part in a public debate entitled “Is Manchester City Council taking the right action on climate change?” Up for discussion will be aviation (of course; Manchester City Council owns 55% of the Airport), the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan (, adaptation, engagement and a host of other tricky topics.
Each speaker will be given 5 minutes to make their opening remarks. The moderator of the debate will then pose different questions to each of the four, before an “open floor” for questions from the audience.
The four are Cllr Richard Cowell, Executive Member for the Environment, who faces a tough battle to retain his Northenden seat; Gayle O’Donovan, who is trying to win Hulme for the Greens; Cllr Graham Shaw, Liberal Democrat representing Didsbury West, and the only one of the four not facing an election this year, and Yan Zhang, standing for the Conservatives in the City Centre. (It will be interesting to see if she casts doubt on the need for action in the same way the Conservative candidate for the parliamentary seat of Withington did at a recent hustings…)
The debate will take place at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St, central Manchester (behind the Central Library). It’s free, and starts at 7.30pm sharp
MEANWHILE: MCFly wants YOUR answers to the question. “Is Manchester City Council taking the right action on Climate Change?” Keep it brief (less than 600 words), reasoned and printable. We will post the more thought-provoking ones on our website (with your name unless you specify anonymity- that means you Richard Sharland!)

SEE ALSO: Council Gritter (MCFLy 45 page 2) “Earth Hour- Can’t Manchester City Council even get the empty gestures right?”


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