MCFly 045- Competition commission

COPArt is “an exciting opportunity for young artists to get their work exhibited in galleries all over the country, including Manchester Town Hall, Bristol View Gallery and London Village Underground.” Artists are asked to upload images or clips they have created which contain their message about climate change; however this is not limiting the themes or topics to melting ice caps…. This does not need to be an enormous project which takes up weeks of your time, all art is viewed with equal weighting and there are three categories of art which could be submitted:
1.Minute Piece: Anything you see which strikes you as being relevant to climate change or the deterioration of the environment, from something taken on a phone camera to lomography.
2.Hour Piece: Something you’ve sketched or painted.
3.Large scale project: Something you spend a few weeks on developing.
A key element to COPArt is to empower young artists, if your work is selected for the shortlist it will get nationwide exhibition space and be used in various public forums. The winning entry will be used on Climate Squad’s promotional materials, gaining invaluable exposure, so please get involved and show us your art! The closing date is May 28; visit to submit.


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