MCFly 042- Bury Good News


A small group of “concerned citizens” who live in Bury have met to see how constructive pressure can be put on Bury Council. Here’s a portion of their report sent to MCFly.

“One thing we looked at was the statement from Bury Council that appeared in MCFly 36. We thought at the time this showed a very unambitious Council making a big noise about very small achievements in reducing energy use in its own buildings. An energy management consultant suggests to us that, even on its own terms, the statement was inadequate. National Indicator 186 also requires it to ‘provide vision and leadership to local communities’ so as to reduce emissions throughout the local authority area. Their statement makes no reference to that and they don’t appear to have signed up to it. We hope to encourage them to do better on that.

“We also found that their website still displays a 2003 policy on climate change with targets that don’t extend beyond 2010. When we pointed that out they agreed it needed replacing and promised their Climate Change sub-committee would be working on that over the next few months. We will be doing our best to make sure that happens – and that a more ambitious and effective policy emerges from it.

We next meet on Weds March 24 at 7.30pm at St Joseph’s Parish Centre, 132 Walmersley Road, Bury BL9 6DX. Any interested Bury residents are very welcome. For more info contact Dominic McCann ( or George Heron (


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