Richard Leese at the GMex

Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, was at the Copenhagen Rally to launch Manchester’s Climate Action Plan “Manchester. A Certain Future.” As well as telling Ed Miliband, Minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change that we need a deal at Copenhagen, he was keen to talk about the commitment Manchester City Council was making to deal with climate change. The 41% C02 reduction target by 2020 was reiterated as well as the belief that Manchester needs to move towards low carbon for the health of the economy and not to the detriment of it.

Leese was also open about the fact that the council still has no idea how they are going to meet those targets, or where they were going to get money to finance their actions but insisted that they were committed to finding the resources and meeting their ambitious targets. Whilst the council leader highlighted behavioural change as the biggest aim of the plan, he maintained that the Climate Change Plan must demonstrate that tackling climate change will not lower people’s quality of life but improve it. MCC’s climate change plan was hailed as the ‘fantastic’ outcome of a collective effort but as we all know delivering and implementing the plan is real measure of its success.


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  1. Jenny says:

    On the bus, on my way home from the event, I couldn't help overhearing four students discussing it. It was interesting that they struggled (but had good guesses) with some jargon that came up such as 'Vestas' and 'Peak Oil'. They also felt left out when someone in the audience commented that everyone in the room knew each other.

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