MCFly 038- A different league

Forum for the Future is a charity that does an annual league table of Britain’s 20 ‘greenest’ cities. Last year (see MCFly 12) Manchester fell from 12th to 15th. This year, it’s 14th (but there’s a twist). Perhaps MCFly should be buzzing round this story like a fly round… well, either we’re getting soft in our old age (and bribed by the free sandwiches the Council doles out), or else it’s simply not that big a deal any more. We asked for a statement from the Council, and got the following from Cllr Richard Cowell:
“This year the Sustainable Cities index represents Greater Manchester as opposed to Manchester in 2008 so the 2008 comparison with 2009 cannot be made. Sadly, due to timing of the Forum’s work the ambitious City of Manchester Climate Change Action Plan taken to City Council Executive in November wasn’t included in the Forum’s deliberations but will feature in next year’s. Manchester will continue to work with other Greater Manchester Councils through AGMA, the Environment Commission and other channels to put sustainability right at the heart of how the City Region functions.” You. Had. Better!


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