CRUde Awakening

Thousands of emails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have been hacked. The ‘skeptic/denialist blogosphere is exultant, thinking they’ve found a smoking gun of the multigenerational conspiracy of grant-hungry scientists in collusion with capitalists, poltiicans, the illuminati and… oh, MCFly despairs. Homo sapiens??
Anyway, George Monbiot has tried to create a firebreak, and threw in some heavy-handed satire. George Marshall has a piece on scientists not getting what damage the scandal might actually will do.

Here are a few other links
Real Climate

Climate Progress

Reuters had a good cartoon (see above)

There’s an open letter by Dr Judith Curry, a hurricane specialist, that’s worth a look too. And here is a link to a paper (I’ve not read) of hers that calls for greater transparency

But the best response by far has been from the Daily Mash… ” CLIMATE CHANGE EMAILS STOP GLACIERS FROM MELTING”


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