Copenhagen and the Climate Slamdown.

Click here for a magnificent climate cartoon about Copenhagen by Manchester-based cartoonist Marc Roberts. It’s in the latest New Internationalist.

MCFly has run a column for the past 20 or so issues (I may over-estimate) called “Coping With Copenhagen” (Copenhagen, in case you don’t know, is ground zero for the Climate Change negotiations at which whirled leaders will be trying to hash out a successor global deal to the Kyoto Protocol, the only international and legally binding climate deal this species has thus far managed to create.)

Basically, we could easily have filled the newsletter with boring details about these negotiations, over which we have virtually no influence. But that info is easy to come by, and MANCHESTER Climate Fortnightly is just that. So we created this website.

And Marc Roberts (he of the cool icons and spot cartoons) agreed to have his arm twisted to do an extended wrestling-match metaphor of the whole sorry process.

On you will be able to read the daily updates that we do about (but not “from” – we have not the time, money or inclination to go) how the negotiations pan out.

Please do tell us what you think!


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