Bull’s Hit Bingo and sanity maintenance

The last couple of weeks Team MCFly has inflicted several dreadful meetings on itself, in the name of schmoozing and snout-in-troughing. It’s not the rigid and unimaginative non-participatory style that irks the most. No, it’s the blizzard of bu… zzwords. That’s what we will call them.

So, to save our own sanity, we’ve come up (with a little help from our friends, especially Master Cartoonist Marc Roberts) with “Bull’s Hit Bingo” cards.

As the blurb here says

These “bingo” cards are for anyone who has ever sat in a meeting where the speakers are just spouting all the right words, (engagement, empowerment, grassroots etc) but it’s obvious that their brain and the audience’s ears are running on auto-pilot. These cards are for anyone who has ever wanted to stand up and say “bull’s hit” but never had the bottle. Now you have the perfect excuse; if you flourish the completed bingo card, the speaker is sure to see the funny side of it, oh yes. “Inspired” by our hair-pulling, toe-curling and teeth-grinding at the meetings of various public bodies that really ought to know better, these cards are an essential component in the cognitive toolkit of carbon-based life-forms engaged in collective intellectual interaction going forwards.”

You can


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