No Mega Tesco – It’s Just Not Cricket

We gathered outside Trafford Town Hall on Wednesday 21st October to make it clear to the Council that local people do not want a huge 140,000 square foot Tesco in the area. Councillors were reportedly due to meet at the Town Hall and we were told that the planning application for the huge store was also going to be submitted… only it wasn’t, again.

The No Mega Tesco campaign has been waiting for the application to be submitted since it held a public meeting on 28th September. There was a good crowd of us there, around 40 people and plenty of support from drivers passing by on their way home, tooting in support. The media also turned out with BBC Radio Manchester and the local news crew, and the MEN. Strangely though both the Cricket Club and Trafford Council were not available for comment.

Later the Council stated that this was because the application had not been submitted. It is puzzling that they have become guarded all of a sudden, as late in September they issued a press release which supported the re-development, including the Mega Tesco.

So, be on your marks to oppose the application – we will be posting information for people to include in any letters of objection on the blog but the timescale to submit your views may be as little as 3 weeks. Also, because the Council seem intent on supporting the application we may need to make so much noise about it that it gets called in for a public inquiry. Otherwise, if Trafford Council approve it, it may be game over.



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