A B.A.D. idea?

A quickie now, and a longer post later-

Blog Action Day(www.blogactionday.org) is not the “B.A.D” idea of the title. Getting thousands of bloggers (as long as they’re more read and influential than MCFly) talkin’ about Climate Change is something that should happen weekly.

No, the BAD idea is from the blessed Manchester City Council. After working hard and for the most part successfully to build a bit of trust and credibility with its voters on Climate Change, it now wants to insert a gagging order in its terms of reference of its Environmental Advisory Panel. It wants explicit control over what information goes where and is going for the “if it’s in an official file, it’s an official secret” kind of thing. Incredible. This, THIS is how they expect to build the trust and transparency that will be needed for the coming crises? Old habits die hard, I guess…


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