Blog Action Day: 15th October

US-based online campaign forum has called for 15th October to be Blog Action Day 2009: Blogging on Climate Change.
According to the organisers, Blog Action Day “effectively changes the conversation on the web and focuses audiences around the globe on that issue” for a day. It’s not just aimed at people who blog regularly in climate change – it’s about getting everyone who blogs to talk about climate change for a day, linking to useful sites and discussing and promoting all the different things that people around the world are doing on climate change – whether in their home lives, at work, at school, in what they eat, how they get around or what they choose to buy (or not buy).
If as a blogger you’re looking for a bit of quid pro quo from this, you can also register your blog to be included in the ‘who’s participating?’ list. But in case you thought blogging was enough… there’s also a list of places to find further actions that everyone should be taking on climate change, as well as the opportunity to email in your own suggestions.


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