Council meeting October 7

This from one of our many many spies in the world of Manchester politics, about the motion before Council on Climate Change we reported here

It was a heated and argumentative meeting on most issues, but on this one there was cross party unity – the commitment (in principle at least) to the 10:10 scheme proposed by Councillor Cowell, was unanimous, following a very worthy speech from said councillor about the need for a city with a radical lineage such as ours to provide leadership on the issue of climate change.

The interesting bit was where Lib Dem Councillor Ankers gave a response welcoming the proposals, but pointing out the environmental impact of Manchester Airport, which he referred to as ‘the elephant in the room’. The Labour councillors continued to pretend it wasn’t there

Another of our spies jotted down plenty of specific named groups thanked by the good Councillor Cowell. Obviously time was short, and he couldn’t mention “Call to Real Action.” Next time maybe…

In other 10:10 news, Bury Council is Getting With the Programme- perhaps…

"I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Lib Dem Group has tabled a motion
to the next full meeting of Bury Council (28/10) calling on the Council to sign up
to the 10:10 pledge. We hope this will receive all party support and as such
kick start the Councils committment to CO2 reduction."

So says Vic D’Albert Prestwich Councillor & Lib Dem Parliamentary
Candidate for Bury South

We shall see!

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