Denialist nutjobs come to Manchester

Next week the Conservative Party conference comes to town.  From a climate
perspective, there are three particularly useful developments.

The first is the Climate Clinic, happening in the anyone-can-get-to-it bit- at the
Cube on Portland St.

Secondly, the Manchester-based “Centre for Local Economics Strategies” has
a couple of very interesting events lined up at the Town Hall.

The third “useful” event is behind [police and* ] ideological lines. Denialist nutjobs
(ideologues who don't understand that capitalism has always needed regulation,
coal-industry funded shills etc) who think Climate Change isn't happening have
the following delightful meeting planned:

The right response to climate change
Sponsor(s): The TaxPayers' Alliance & The Cato Institute
Speakers : Matthew Sinclair, Research Director - The TaxPayers'
Alliance (Chair); Patrick Michaels, Senior Fellow in Environmental
Studies - The Cato Institute, Washington DC; Iain Murray , Director
and Senior Fellow - Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington DC;
Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP, Former Cabinet Minister and Chair of the
Globalisation and Global Poverty Policy Group; 12.00 Electoral
Commission & LGiU
Venue: Freedom Zone (The Bridgewater Hall) : Barbirolli Room
Time: 11.30 Tuesday 6th October

Two things

a) these people’s (grand)children, 15 years hence, will disown them/spit on
their graves etc.

b) we’ve asked Manchester City Council if they’ll be sending someone to
set the record straight. If we get an answer, we will let you know…

*NOT- MCFly forced to eat humble pie.  Within an hour and a half of having
posted this, the comment below was received. MCFly has to hold its hands
up and say we didn't check our facts on the perimeter of the Tory Party
Conference- we assumed, incorrectly that the Freedom Zone would be behind
a fence. Sorry about that. Kudos to Mark Wallace, who knows how to claim and
occupy the high moral ground.

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