Oxfam on "e-campaigning"

We here at MCFly Towers have been banging on for years about the importance of “capacity-building.” Tonight Oxfam showed how it should be done. They put on a tightly-organised, invigorating 90 minute session covering the why and how of using ‘social media’ (you know, Facebook, youtube etc). It was free, non-boring and they didn’t try to shove their ideology/newspaper etc down your throat.

Any activist/campaigner, at no matter what level of expertise, would have gotten something useful out of it. Hopefully these monthly “training” evenings, which run from about 6.30 to 8pm, will build up into a key date in the Manchester activist monthly routine.

Key take home message from tonight: go to the right online places, take some good information with you, and post it alongside senisible comments of your own. Build trust, be nice, praise where appropriate and you’ll have credibility. Then (and only then) you can think about asking people to do stuff. Completely unlike ‘real life’ then!

There was lots lots more to it- you”had to be there”…

Here are the “key” questions, which the sub-group I was in didn’t entirely get around to answering:

Who is the target (person you’re trying to influence)
Who is the ‘audience’
Who,where, when and how for these
How to link on-line and off-line activity
How to amplify your message(s)
How to learn after you’ve succeeded/failed
How share outcomes
How maintain the networks that have been built.

What should you do? Get along to the Thursday Ocotber 8th session, which is on political lobbying (in advance of the Great Persuasion.)

Other Oxfammy dates for your diary
Thursday 17th September, early evening (6.30pm?) for a talk on Climate Change and the (Global) poor, and what can be done. At Greenfish Resource Centre, 46-50 Oldham St.
Contact info@manchester-oxfam-group.org for more information.

Saturday 17th October- Copenhagen conference at New Century House (details to follow)


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