MCFly 030- Coping with Copenhagen

As MCFly goes to press, the latest mini-round of talks towards the Copenhagen negotiations is happening in Bonn, Germany. Read more at

In recent news: the newly-elected chair of the European Parliament’s environment committee, German Social Democratic MEP Jo Leinen, said “our engagement for climate protection should be independent from Copenhagen …. if Copenhagen is a success, all the better; if not, we have to stick to our job”. Ban-ki Moon (UN Secretary General) said that in September, “we will be entering a crucial stage on climate change” and that to keep up the momentum, he will travel to the Arctic polar ice rim in August and will then attend the World Climate Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

On August 5 Mexico said it will put a detailed offer to cut the growth of its own emissions on the negotiating table.

Essential Reading “Climate activists in denial” Gideon Rachman Financial Times July 27

The Guardian has a chart of who (of the NGOs) wants what

And finally, New Internationalist will be publishing a cartoon guide to the Copenhagen talks, drawn by Manchester (and MCFly’s) very own Marc Roberts.


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